NJHS’ Can drive fundraiser a success


Coach Lanoue’s box is filling up quickly.

Sarah Guidry and Ariana Rojas

The Dobie National Junior Honor Society can drive, developed by NJHS member Selah Flores, was a success.

Flores came up with the idea to help those Texans who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Flores even drove the donations all the the way to Houston. Overall, the can drive was great and helped so may people in end. “I think it was very successful.,” said Flores.

To be a member of NJHS at Dobie, students must maintain a grade point average of 90 and volunteer for 30 hours or more. A huge part of NJHS is to help the community.

“Every can counts,” said Mr. Patel, NJHS sponsor and teacher, adding that NJHS students are required to do volunteer work.

Like many others, Renee Jessen, 8th grader, thought that was a great idea and for a good cause. “Yes I think it helped out a lot,” said Jessen.

While it was for the victims affected by the Hurricane Harvey some of the Dobie students got to have a little fun with the drive when donating. Students got to choose a coach’s box to put their canned food into.