Personal view: There are problems with the dress code


Gavin Wakeman, Staff reporter

Hi my name is Gavin and today my article is about the dress code. Many students and parents are not OK with it. Many parents were upset because they had already bought their kids’ clothes and were not notified of the clothes that were not allowed to be worn at school. Many could argue that they were notified by looking at the dress code on the Dobie Website.  Others, on the other hand, may not have had an computer and did not have access to the internet.

While the student handbook talks about the dress code and what can and cannot be worn, administrators need to take into consideration that not everyone can afford certain clothes.  For instance,  on page pg.60 it says, ‘Excessively worn, torn, frayed, oversized or long clothing is not permitted.” What if that’s all they have?

Not everyone can afford to have new clothes that are their size. Sometimes they are given hand me down clothes or clothes that were donated and they may not be the perfect fit.  Will this be taken into consideration? Will these kids be singled out because their parents or guardians can’t buy them what’s required?

I believe that clothes should be one of those things that kids should not have to worry about.  If they are wearing clean clothes and are confident in what they are wearing, then there is no need to make the dress code so specific. Then they are able to concentrate on the school subject which is more important.  The less they have to worry about trying to have specific clothing, the more time they can dedicate to learning and enjoying school.