Fall is finally here

Cool front arrived morning of Oct. 10


Students walk into Dobie on a cool morning.

You know that Fall is finally here when the air is crisp and cold and kids act and dress differently. October 10 was that day. The temperature was a refreshing 64 degrees Fahrenheit as students arrived at school. The morning air was cool and many students wore warmer clothing. Some students wore jackets and pants while others went all out by wearing heavy coats and thick pants.

Kayden Dayton, 7th grader, wore a thick hooded sweatshirt to school — a common clothing choice today. “I love this weather,” he said.

For many students, cooler weather meant more clothing options. Madison Coryell, 7th grader, said “It’s pretty good. I like it because it’s cold and I can layer up,” she said. “It makes me think of my birthday because my birthday is December 1 so it is coming up pretty soon.” Angel Pham, 7th grader, said she enjoys wearing different types of clothes. “I really like this weather. I get to wear long sleeve clothes and it’s really cute,” she said.

Kiana Young, 8th grader, is from Mississppi and she has visited Colorado. “I am used to cooler weather,” she said. “I like being able to bundle up with blankets — like have 50 blankets on top of me and lay down and relax.”

The first official day of Fall was September 22, but weather has been warm enough to swim or float on the river. This morning during tennis class, some students were unphased by the cooler weather, so they were outside in short shorts and short sleeve t-shirts. Still, some students thought it was cold enough to be winter. Some were even singing Christmas carols on the bus.

Kaitlyn Baker, 7th grader, is a member of the cross country team.  “It was definitely chilly. People were saying it was freezing outside, so I said, ‘It’s not 32 degrees.'” My friend eventually stole my jacket because she was so cold.”

Some students who aren’t originally from Texas said they missed cooler temperatures. Kaytlin Frank,  7th grader, said she prefers the weather from Missouri, where she’s from. “The weather here is decent. Some days it’s hot, some days it’s rainy and some days it’s cold like today,” she said. “Today’s weather isn’t really Fall weather. Missouri is very snowy and here it’s more hot and rainy. I prefer the weather in Missouri.” Lauren Kenrick, 7th grader, said she is from London, England. She said the weather here is not as cold as in England. “The favorite thing about Fall are the leaves,” she said.

Celia Nugent, 7th grader, said her favorite season is the Winter so she can wear jackets. “But I don’t like this weather because it’s cold,” she said, adding that she is from Texas.

Dobie News Club reporters contributed to this article.