My first time doing the sport I love


Leila Johnson, Staff reporter



My name is Leila Johnson and this is my story about when I joined gymnastics. I was really scared because I didn’t think people were going to like me and might think that I am bad at gymnastics. I met these girls that are already on the gold team and I was trying out for silver. I thought they were not going to like me because of how bad I was, but they actually helped me out with simple things and we were starting to get along. I started to like it a lot more but then most of them moved to a different gym and I was frustrated.

The owner of the gym moved me to gold and I was happy. There were only two golds including me. I met the other girl and she was nice to me and I felt comfortable. I started to meet new people from bronze and silver and they were really nice. I had new friends and I was having so much fun teaching them skills. I have been there for seven months and I’m really enjoying it.