All About Me

Hi my name is Madison Paige Martinez, but i like to go by Madi. I am 13 years old ,and my birthday is on 01/11/04. I love to do a lot of things like taking pictures,doing any type of sport , playing with my pets,doing gymnastics. I live with my mom, dad, brother, and sometimes my stepsister will come over for a while. I have six pets in the house and two in the backyard(3 hamsters,1 mouse 1 cat, 2 dogs ,and 1 bunny.

I have gone to Royal Ridge, Sippel, Schlather, And Dobie. I was excited for this year to start because I was gone the whole summer and didn’t see any of my friends till the week before school started. My least favorite subject is math, because I’ve never been good at it. The places I have lived are: Live Oak, New Braunfels,Bandera, and Cibolo(here).

This summer I went to Florida twice, Alabama, Louisiana, and Del Rio.In Del Rio we spent time with my dads friends family for a few days, in Alabama we just stayed at different hotels then drove to Louisiana, and did some shopping at the mall, after we drove to Florida and spent a week at the beach.

This year my goals are to: 1.)Do really good in all my classes and pass. 2.)Be on an athletic team this year. 3.)And make as many friends as I can in 7th and 8th grade. I really like how this year has turned out so far because I have made new friends in my classes and I like all my teachers and classes. This year is going to be great.