Personal view: volleyball tryouts was nervous experience

Personal view: volleyball tryouts was nervous experience

Madelyn Cordova, Staff Reporter

This year is my second year for trying out for volleyball. I was very nervous this year because there is one new Coach and I have never played volleyball with Coach Valenzuela. Last year there was only three days of tryouts and that was the same for this year.

A lot of people tried out last year; there were 180 students who tried out. Now this year 60 people tried out.  It got me very nervous because there was new kids trying out. The 8th grade coaches are Dierschke for A team and Valenzuela for B team. 

The first day of tryouts — the second day of school — I was really scared because at first it didn’t seem like a lot of girls, but then once I saw how many were trying out I was very scared. The first thing we did was run five laps. Then we practiced on bumping and setting I loved doing  this because those are two of the things I love about volleyball. We then practiced on how we play like defense. I was pretty frightened because there is there is this one student, Masalina, who is this really good hitter. She hits it so hard that it makes a loud sound once it hit the ground.                                                                                                                                                

That week on Thursday we found out  if  we made the volleyball team. My heart was beating really fast because the coaches took forever to put the list on the door where we were waiting. I was really glad all the volleyball players jumped up and down and screamed.Once they screamed all the football players were looking at us like we were crazy because we were so loud. I couldn’t wait for the first game the next week.

The first game was on September we played against Corbett our arch enemies .Once they walked in the gym we had our games faces on.Then it was time to warm up our arms we practiced before the game. A team played the won then it was B teams turn they also won. After the game we went in the middle of the Gym said a chant and banged on the floor. All the girls were so happy because we one our first game of the season and we can’t wait till the next game.