The first week of football was stressful

Vaun Natalroman, Staff reporter

Students know that at Dobie Jr. High the school offers a large variety of clubs and extracurricular , ranging from Library Club to journalism and many more, but one of the most popular curricular is sports .

There are eight sports including: football, track, soccer, basketball and more. With football being one of the most followed and famous sport in the U.S., it seems fitting that young boys looking to show off their talent and skills would join.

Students who have signed up to play with the Dobie get to practice with 7th grade  Coach Burton,(HEAD ) , and the 8th grade Head Coach Lanoue. During the first week of practice students and their skills will be tested.

For defense, the lineman do a series of line coverage and attack drills the linebackers work on footwork, speed, and explosion and the safeties work on pursuing and catching incoming running backs and receivers and finishing it off the corners will cover the receivers .

On offense, the quarterbacks practice hand-offs and throwing , the lineman practice covering and blocking the d-line and linebackers, the fullbacks work on protecting the quarterbacks from possible D-lineman and linebackers , the receivers use their speed and quickness to elude defenders and catch the ball,the center practices snapping the ball tight is a receiver and also a blocker , and running backs run with the ball.

Whatever you may be the real tests and evaluation starts when the students go full-pads. One drill that the football players enjoy is COUGAR MADNESS a fun and easy drill where the 8 lineman line up against each other with a running back behind the O-Line and  a linebacker behind the D-line and when Coach blows his whistle they attack , the lineman are in a fierce struggle and the running back must avoid the linebacker and linemen the players really enjoy it and always look forward to it.