Personal view: Dobies rules are annoying


Wesley Mann, Staff reporter

The first 2 weeks of Dobie school year have been very hectic. With us still having assigned tables not many people enjoy not sitting with their friends. Having to sit at a table with people they don’t know and don’t want to know have to sit in silence ’till the bell rings for Cougar time and they sit there and listen to what people say or they’re annoying.

The backpack rule has caused quite an uproar. People have to run to classes after getting their stuff so they can be on time or people forget some stuff and they don’t have the stuff and they have to do more work at home. They also might drop their stuff in the halls and lose their pencils or books and papers so when they get to calls they’re missing homework because it fell out of their bag on the way to the class.

Another rule people hate is the cell phone rule is. Now at lunch you can’t listen to music and look at your phone. Last year people could watch stuff on their phone as they ate or they could listen to music. Also people could text each other if they didn’t sit next to each other and play games on their phone if they got bored.

Many people are upset about school dress code. If they wanted to express the fact that they love guns they cant cause its violent But people would disagree saying it should be okay to wear what you want, even if it’s violent. I think the dress code should have more wiggle room just in case you’re wearing something you love and wear outside but it turns out it’s against school dress code.