PV: Why I Am Thankful For Mr.House

aaliyah brawley, staff reporter

November 18, 2018

                                             By: Aaliyah Brawley                                            Dobie News Reporter Mr...

PV: Social Media is becoming a huge distraction

Aaliyah Brawley, Staff Reporter

November 14, 2018

                                                By: Aaliyah Brawley I’ve actually done one before, and it was for 2 & ½ months. During those months i was a little bored...

Students don’t like football games on Saturdays

Aaliyah Brawley, Staff Reporter

September 28, 2018

Football is a popular sport at Dobie Jr. High, but just recently students were saying that they wouldn't have time or were to busy to go to the Saturday games so Destiny and I wanted to do an article on how our students feel about...

PV : Freedom of press

Aaliyah Brawley, reporter

September 24, 2018

Dear Editor ,           According to A Boston Globe Mr.Trump said that news and the press were all fake …. He doesn’t think that they really come up with real stories basically . In the constitution we ha...