How Valentine’s Day affects Dobie.

Aislynn Warren, Michaela Wray, Bindi Jo, and jaclyn brunotte

February 4, 2020

  Valentine's day is persuaded to be the holiday where couples come together to buy each other chocolate but, for students and school staff it can be chaotic. Many teachers celebrate or incorporate Valentine’s Day i...

No costumes at Dobie

Aislynn Warren and Michaela Wray

October 16, 2019

Most students around America enjoy celebrating Halloween traditions such as trick-or-treating, watching scary movies and wearing costumes. Many would love to wear their costumes to school. But for as long as anyone can remember,...

Cardboard Boxes

Aislynn Warren, Staff Reporter

September 13, 2019

                                                         Hello, my name is Aislynn Warren and I am an eighth grader at Dobie Junior High. Last summer was an extremely tiring...