PV:Why Mrs.Chitta is the best teacher EVER :)

Caitlin Zander, Staff Reporter

November 20, 2018

Mrs. Chitta is the Theatre Arts teacher at Dobie Junior High. She started last year, and I am grateful. She is a positive, humorous, and just adds excitement to every class she teaches. Her class is the one I’m excited to go ...

Can Dobie Athletes balance practice/games and school?

Caitlin Zander and Tyla Swanton

October 15, 2018

 It may seem like athletes lead a calm, organized life,but that's not true.Athletes have to go practice 2-5 days a week then after school/weekend games or tournaments,and still have to do homework and projects.So can our ath...

Dobie students are excited for this year

Caitlin Zander and Sophia Jackson

September 25, 2018

Dobie students are in all sorts of different activities inside and outside of Dobie and they are excited about this school year.  Brooke Frank is excited about soccer tryouts and she’s been in soccer for 4 years, she says ...