Letter to the editor: President Trump needs to be honest

holley crabtree, staff reporter

December 17, 2018

dear Editor I think they should stop fussing about us  because we have the right and so they are fussing about the first amendment  so they should stop because they are fussing because we are trying to give the people the ...

PV: Importance of Veterans Day

holley crabtree, staff reporter

November 23, 2018

I think it is important because they fought for us and some sacrificed their life and some lost time  to spend with their families and lose the opportunity to get a really good job and getting the best education because they...

PV: I am grateful for Mr. Bruton

holley crabtree, staff reporter

November 17, 2018

PV: I am thankful for Mr. Bruton By Holley Crabtree Dobie News Reporter   I am thankful for mr.bruton because he has always been in a good mood and nice and tells us if he has had a ruff day so that we now wh...