School Shootings Need to Stop

Jenna Baglio and Hailey Davis

May 29, 2018

All over the U.S, there has been much controversy over mental health violence and how it will be stopped so, what can the U.S do to prevent it, and what can we as people do.   As of now, there has been multiple school sh...

Personal view: what made my Halloween so special?

Jenna Baglio, News Reporter

November 1, 2017

Halloween came by fast with drenching rain and cold weather. Even though it was pouring kids still sacrificed getting soaked for their favorite candy, and to be honest...I was one of them. Hello, my name is Jenna Baglio and I...

Dobie crowds at their worst

Gavin Wakeman, Jenna Baglio, and Jocelynn Klein

October 24, 2017

Kids are dashing through the hall trying to make it to their favorite time of the day while constantly bumping into others. It’s lunch time and to it's taken forever to get to the front of the lunch line.  Books are left behind...