The STAAR Test Shouldn’t Exist

Kailee Mishler, Staff Reporter

May 24, 2019

The STAAR test is never fun .The star test shouldn't exist  It stresses teens to a point that cannot be taken, partially not on grade level, and teachers don't even like it. The ones that don't pay attention in class are usually the people...

The Best Day Of Sasha Contreras Life

Kailee Mishler, Staff reporter

May 24, 2019

At jordan intermediate school in Mrs. Millers class, Sasha Contreras says the best day of her life is, “The last day of school in 5th grade cause we had a big party and I had a lot of friends.” The room was packed people brou...

Avengers: Endgame- Snap Into Students Minds

Kailee Mishler

May 24, 2019

*SPOILERS* Avengers Endgame, according to, is the 2nd highest money making film. It was a hit making 2.188 billion dollars passing up The Titanic. The previous record holder was Avatar which took 47 days, but Avenger...

Kailee Mishler

Letter to the Editor:

December 11, 2018

PV: I am thankful For Ms. Lescynski

Kailee Mishler, staff reporter

November 15, 2018

By: Kailee Mishler My language arts teacher Ms. Lesczynski, is overall nice and cares about people. I was in her 5th period class in 7th grade and had a lot of great memories with her. One was that I was working on a project...