PV: My favorite teacher Coach Dierschke

Kimora Iron Shield, Staff Reporter

May 14, 2018

Coach Dierschke is one of the most amazing teachers and coaches I have ever had because she helps me through just about everything. Coach Dierschke may have a mean tone but she really cares and believes in you. Coach Dierschke...

Personal View: volleyball tryouts was stressful

Kimora Iron Shield, Editor

September 11, 2017

The day of tryouts was nerve-wrecking. I woke up and went to my sister's tryouts and I didn't feel good at all, but  I went anyway.  I got sick on my way to first period and went to the nurse. So I couldn't tryout that day and...

Personal view: Sports Injuries are so painful

Kimora Ironshield

September 22, 2016

  Sports injuries at Dobie Jr High are starting to be pretty common during the school year and we’re only 1 month into school. I know, because I was injured playing volleyball.   On the first day of volleyball practice we w...