Why counselors are important

Kyla Whitaker, Staff Reporter

March 2, 2020

I think that counselors are important in schools because they help the students and some teachers a lot more than you think. They help the students and teachers with any personal problems they help them make tough decisions and h...

New Netflix shows and movies coming out in 2020

Winter Leslie, Kyla Whitaker, and Daisy Savusa

February 4, 2020

Is it just me, or whenever you get home you just want to lie down, relax, and watch something, maybe add a snack, but don't forget to do your homework. There are some new shows and movies coming out on Netflix in 2020.  &n...

Are Dobie students addicted social media?

Kyla Whitaker and Winter Leslie

February 4, 2020

Some Dobie students admit that they are addicted to their phones and that’s the norm in our society. According to childmind.org website: “Teens are masters at keeping themselves occupied in the hours after school until way past bedtime. W...

Kyla Whitaker

Kyla Whitaker

September 10, 2019