The School System is Killing Creativity

Nayeli Esquilin, Staff reporter

February 23, 2017

When students receive a worksheet or learn a certain lesson, many think, “How will this help me in MY future?” Many kids’ll say they hate school, but do they really hate school itself? Or do they hate what they a...

North Dakota Pipeline vs. Natives What do students think ?

Nayeli Esquilin and Zachary Larkin

February 22, 2017

It is certain that natives have had their share of unfair treatments these past centuries. So when a pipeline was announced, the natives, of The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, were infuriated that this pipeline would cross through th...

It’s YOUR BODY, so it’s YOUR CHOICE : Abortion is the woman’s choice.

Nayeli Esquilin, Staff Reporter

February 22, 2017

Most people who support Pro-life only look at the side of the fetus & don’t think about the woman's circumstances or her situation.Pro-life supporters leave after the baby is born,& it seems like they are only worrie...

A blast to the past! Bringing back vinyls

Nayeli Esquilin

October 28, 2016

The grooviest thing to ever hit the streets of the United States was not the cellular telephone, no something way more awesome... Vinyl Records! Originally created in 1857 (what we know so far), people have always loved going ...

Personal view on gender in sports: fighting the norms

Nayeli Esquilin

September 5, 2016

Nowadays, children always want to be in the sport they admire and try to be the best like their favorite athletes, but what happens if they want to join a team whose norm is for the opposite sex? For example, a young man joining a...