Teacher Spotlight: Coach Niblett

Shayla Dunsirn, Staff reporter

May 23, 2017

Ms. Kourtnei Niblett is a teacher and coach. She takes on track, volleyball, and basketball and she also teaches 7th grade Skills for Success. This can be a challenge. "My biggest challenge is having to multitask between coaching a...

Shooting at Rolling Oaks Mall

Shayla Dunsirn, staff

February 22, 2017

Guns being allowed in public is dangerous. If having guns in public was illegal then there would be less shootings. Guns should only be allowed for self defense mainly when children are in the position of getting harmed. Many dea...

Boys Soccer

Shayla Dunsirn and Ethan LaFranco

January 31, 2017

This is the first year that Dobie has had a soccer team so the expectations are high. Since this is the first season the boys and coaches are still adapting to the new sport. Since Dobie has so many sports not all of the coaches...