PV: I am grateful for Coach Head

Trenton Urbina, Staff Reporter

November 22, 2018

PV: I am grateful for Coach Head By:Trenton Urbina Dobie News Staff Reporter I am grateful for Coach Head because she has always been really nice to me. For me there is something inside of her that sets her apart from o...

PV: The Importance of Veteran’s Day

Trenton Urbina, Staff Reporter

November 11, 2018

PV: The importance of Veteran's Day                           By:Trenton Urbina Veterans day will always be a major part of U.S.A history. It’s a day of honor, respect and loyalty. A day where we ...

PV: Letter to the editor

Trenton Urbina, Staff Reporter

September 20, 2018

Dear Editor, I believe that the importance of the freedom of press is important because without it we wouldn’t know what’s going on around the world. Yes it may get annoying to other people and yes they may make up and o...

How Dobie Jr. High Students keep themselves Entertained

Trenton Urbina, James Ahrens, Darius Williams, Staff Reporter's

September 7, 2018

How Dobie students keep themselves entertained. By: Trenton Urbina, Darius Williams, James Ahrens Many kids at Dobie jr. high are constantly falling asleep in class and we are  curious to find out what they do with their day...