Teacher Spotlight: Mrs.Amour Wetz

Genevieve Vega, Staff Reporter

May 23, 2017

    Amour Wetz ,7th grade ELA teacher and GT Coordinator, has been teaching for 17 years and has been teaching at Dobie for 14 years. “I love when a student makes connections, which doesn't always happen during the...

Student Spotlight: Caleb Wafford

Bailey Hinkle, Staff reporter

May 23, 2017

Walking the halls at Dobie can be a tricky thing when going from class to class with the 4 minute passing period that we have which makes student have a sense of urgency to be on time. One of the students that walk the halls of...

Teacher Spotlight: Coach Niblett

Shayla Dunsirn, Staff reporter

May 23, 2017

Ms. Kourtnei Niblett is a teacher and coach. She takes on track, volleyball, and basketball and she also teaches 7th grade Skills for Success. This can be a challenge. "My biggest challenge is having to multitask between coaching a...