Dobie fashion: a style for everyone

Sophia Lee, Staff reporter

September 28, 2018

Last year, people wore more jewelry, Thrasher jackets, Rick and Morty t-shirts, and Hollister jackets than ever, in fact people do this so much that they tend to judge people by what they wear. For instance, If you see a thir...

Dobie students share Summer memories

Arianna Fisher and Jazlyn Garcia

September 25, 2018

Dobie students had fun and interesting summers. From traveling to staying at home and hanging out, they created memories. Clara Pickering, 7th grader, said she traveled to spend time with her family members. “I stayed home most of th...

Some students love technology, some see it as an obstacle

Trinity Bohne and Anaya Bryant

September 25, 2018

Although technology is very useful and positive, it can also impact your life in negative ways. Tatiana Griggs, Megan Fling, and Jazlyn Grarcia agree that it has negative impacts on their lives. Griggs, who is in the 8th grade...

Dobie students are excited for this year

Caitlin Zander and Sophia Jackson

September 25, 2018

Dobie students are in all sorts of different activities inside and outside of Dobie and they are excited about this school year.  Brooke Frank is excited about soccer tryouts and she’s been in soccer for 4 years, she says ...

Some students don’t like school lunch

Gabriela Sierra and Eleny Cordero

September 25, 2018

Some students don't enjoy school lunches. Everything from the taste of the food to how crowded it is to how students act, it can be challenging. People say that students are tossing out their lunches a lot more these days because...

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