Caleb Mouser
My name is Caleb Mouser. I am an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High as well as a yerd (yearbook nerd). I'm overly talkative meaning I never shut up and consider myself hyper-extroverted, meaning I love hanging out with my friends and can't stand being alone (I hate social distancing). One of my favorite things to do is just relax and listen to my extensive Spotify playlist that probably has about 700 songs in it. I love music and listen to literally every genre, including rap, classic rock and Latin, except classical (sorry Beethoven). I enjoy all sorts of things from gaming, skateboarding and theater to writing, photography and going on adventures, but mostly I just like trying new things. I am a Christian and strongly believe in my faith. Also I lived in Southern Mexico as a missionary for most of my life and can speak Spanish. So yeah, you know, I'm just another average white boy. Oh, and please ignore my photo. Thanks!

Caleb Mouser, Staff reporter

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Caleb Mouser