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A few of the teachers and staff were previously students, with some teachers being here since 1991. Since they were last here, they have all grown so much. Some of the staff started off as teachers, then moved into the admin department.

 Vice Principal Mari Hadas was a student in 1991. Hadas attended Dobie JHS as a student and decided to come back. “When I had a job at Steele and I had the opportunity to come here, I took it. I grew up in Cibolo, so Dobie has always been my home,” Hadas says. She thinks the rules have changed a little since she was here as a student. “We didn’t have cell phones and that is really everything that has changed. We weren’t allowed to run in the hallways, no hoodies were allowed and the tardy policy was the same too,” she adds.

Ms. Kling was a student in 2009. “Dobie was very exciting,” Kling says. “It was the first opportunity for me to try new things like clubs and sports.  Some of the people I went to Dobie with are still friends with me to this day. They made a big impact on my life, and others taught me important lessons.” On the contrary, Ms. Kling thinks the rules have changed a lot since last being here. “The dress code was a lot stricter, no leggings, no jeans with holes, no face piercings, no unnatural hair color, IDs were very strictly worn and no phones, if we even had them,” Ms. Kling says.

Dobie JHS has changed so much since our teachers were students. The dress code has been made fair between girls and boys, facial piercings are allowed and the building has grown. Hopefully, more students in the future will come back and choose to make more memories at Dobie JHS as faculty.

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