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Teacher leaves students brokenhearted

Ella, Jackson June 10, 2024

Students hope their teachers will inspire them, but Natasha Kling, the agriculture teacher, has made a lasting mark. She not only helped her students grow academically but she also taught them to become...

Eighth grader Jamila
Corpus shows her ID to her
teacher, which is one of the security
measures being readily enforced after the Uvalde incident.

Life since Uvalde

Noah Reyes, Staff Writer May 17, 2024

According to, Texas has the second highest school shooting rate in America. However, there is one school shooting that happened in Texas that shocked every other school system in the United...

Once upon a TikTok

Ajea Young, Staff January 8, 2024

“More Passion, More Passion, More Energy, More Energy, More Footwork, More Footwork.” According to Sprout Social, “TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform we've seen thus far.“ While...

Students to Teachers

Parker Russell, Staff January 8, 2024

A few of the teachers and staff were previously students, with some teachers being here since 1991. Since they were last here, they have all grown so much. Some of the staff started off as teachers, then...

Game, Win, Game, Win

Jason McGhee Jr., Editor January 8, 2024

Behind a long history of team success are good coaches, hours of work, inspiration and dedication. Athletes and coaches alike spend hours of time each week practicing on fields and courts every morning...

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