How to improve your health

Janea Francis, Staff Reporter

October 23, 2019

Many people don't get enough exercise. Exercising benefits your health, but mostly your heart. To be healthier, experts say that you need to believe in yourself, move more and eat right -- generally take good care of your physical...

Riding buses can be a challenge for teachers and staff

Tralee Warren and Brooke Grocott

October 18, 2019

Bus transportation. It’s a necessary part of going to school for many students, but it can pose challenges. It’s mid - October and on some days, the buses are still arriving late to Dobie Jr. High.  Late bus arrivals in...

Halloween’s origins

Halloween’s origins

October 17, 2019

Many students don’t like phone rules

Cameron Vukson, Staff Reporter

October 16, 2019

Over the years, technology such as phones have become more advanced and a lot of students at Dobie Jr. High use them for not only communication and entertainment, but for academics. However, there are many rules at Dobie regardi...