The importance of counselors

Madyson Rivera and Brayden Rooks

February 27, 2020

Counselors provide support and advice to students. They help with all kinds of situations, from comforting someone in negative situations to providing help to someone in achieving their goals. Counselors have busy schedules, they do al...

International news: Fire impacts animals in Austrailia

Keira Marquez and Lindsey Boyd

February 4, 2020

It’s on everyone's mind nowadays for those who watched the news recently. Australia's wildfire has impacted so many plants and animal life over the past couple weeks.  The impact destroyed acres on acres of land and...

Why Coolmath Games are not accessible anymore

Myra Torres, Niobe Williams, and Gavin Kitts

February 4, 2020

There are many people out there that say that Coolmath, a website that hosts education games,will soon be shutting down. Coolmath Games is a website that kids use to play games when their bored in class. Teachers often ...

What do you know about these animals?

Keira Marquez and Niobe Williams

February 4, 2020

Mother nature is home to animals and their unique abilities that you may have never heard about. Not many people know these facts about animals even though they’re really interesting! 7th grader Lindsey boyd said “no” agreeing she doesn’t know any facts....

The how to’s of having the ultimate VSCO hangout

Nora Creel, Jade Dominguez, Berlin Jenkins, and Jordan Wilson

February 4, 2020

A classic VSCO hangout is something that anyone would dream of having, Especially when it's done right. In this article we will give tips and tricks on how to have the most fun and glamorous VSCO time.  Jasmyn Martinez, an ...

How Amazon systems work

February 4, 2020

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in unique ways around the world

February 4, 2020

By: Skyler McKee Foerster, Nia Mitchell and Kara Brown Here in the United States, many people celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th in very generic ways, by spending a lot of money on store-bought cards, chocolate, and...

How has Dobie changed throughout the years?

Allura Lugo, Bailey Rueda, and Carley Coloura

February 4, 2020

Dobie has had many changes over the many years. It’s been 45 years since the school was built in 1998, until now. Over a span of 22 years its gone from being an intermediate to the junior high it is now, according to the SCU...