Teacher leaves students brokenhearted

Natasha Kling, principles of agriculture, leaves teaching for another career

Students hope their teachers will inspire them, but Natasha Kling, the agriculture teacher, has made a lasting mark. She not only helped her students grow academically but she also taught them to become better people by educating them about agriculture and life. “She taught us that you don’t need to worry about others and to be yourself,” eighth grader Nadia Salinas says. Words cannot express the gratitude her students have for her. She has touched students’ lives, leaving an everlasting mark on their hearts and minds. Kling has taught them to grow seeds of agriculture as well as seeds of knowledge that will continue to grow for years.

Ms. Kling has fun at her new job at Schlitterbahn.

Agriculture is not just about growing plants and livestock; it is about learning to care for something other than yourself and growing as a person. “Ms. Kling taught me that there is always a positive outlook in life,” eighth grader Kennedy Hardin says. “She also taught me that teachers are not just teachers but can be one of your best friends and be there for you.” This is an excellent example of how a teacher can impact a student’s life beyond the classroom.

Kling was not only loved by her students, but by her colleagues. In the three years she worked here she made many friends along the way including the investigating careers teacher, Angelica Morales. “I loved hearing about all the great things she was doing in her classes,” Morales says. “I miss getting to talk to her but she’s doing great things.” As Kling starts her exciting new adventures, she has the well wishes and appreciation of everyone who knows her and her potential for future amazing accomplishments.

But like any story, Kling’s chapter of teaching has reached its end. While the ending might be sad, people should remember that new beginnings bloom from painful endings. The lessons, laughter and love Kling put into her students will be remembered. She is a teacher who touched many lives and they wish her the best.

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