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Hello my name is Bindi Jo E. Davis i’m in 7th grade at J.Frank Dobie school.

My friends usually call me Bendy.

Beginning the summer I was relieved that school was finally was where most of the bad and stressful things would happen but then i was back home for at least three months.My family and I went to the pool where it was obvious others had decided to go there to celebrate the end of school.I played roblox alot and met some good friends ,who are still my friends, while not giving away any personal information,yet with friends i make in school the next year it’s like we don’t know each other.Over the summer I enjoyed resting with my cats Figaro,Rizzo,and Candie.Figaro was a long haired and soft pelted female with Tuxedo coloring and sweet amber eyes , Rizzo was a mix-breed tabby/Abyssinian with brownish gray fur and piercing green eyes,our next cat ,a calico, was Candie another Female ,most of her fur was orange tabby with black splotches and a white belly and a black spot on her ears and chin.In August my parents decided to let Candie go outside to be an outdoor cat ,and soon enough she was with a tom. The next day she was gone and for the rest of August she was nowhere to be seen,Soon after school started again my aunt terry came from Tennessee with an Albino kitten we named Gizmo.his fur was burnt from the sun and he had ant bites on his ears but otherwise he was healthy , Rizzo wasn’t sure she liked him at first but he was

 The only friend she would get since Candie had gone and Figaro had turned on her so they enjoyed playing and grooming each other and now,she treats him like her own Kit.


Throughout the Summer I missed Candie i was hoping she would have Kits and come back but she never had any when she came.I thought another person in my neighbor- hood would take care of Candie but at the start of September my mom and Aunt-Lisa were going for a walk when my mom heard a familiar meowing noise in the neighbors bush , when  figured out I paid no attention that it was another persons yard I wanted her back so we lurred her out with some food but when she came out her spine was popping out like a log in a stream and her pelt stuck to her fur with ribs popping out like jutting rocks we immediately brought her back inside and gave her a can of cat-food and bathed her.The other cats haven’t gotten used to her yet.

All content by Bindi Davis