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Dontae carter

Dontae carter, Staff Reporter

Summer Hi my name is Dontae Carter and I am going to tell you a little bit about me.


So this summer the most I did was just travel play football games and that was really fun.Like literally it was actually an OK kinda summer.So at the beginning of summer I went to Alabama for vacation,and I got to see all of my family and cousins and that I loved.Literally everyday we went on adventures either it was camping,fishing,or dirt bike riding.Also in Alabama we were getting real dirty and muddy and that was the best part.

I also got to play travel basketball so that means i was traveling from state to state and that was awesome.There was this one game that I remember and it was a funny,fun game.It was really fun because I made lots of new friends and I saw old friends.

So there was really not that much to say about this summer because it was so tiring believe it or not.I was waking  up every morning working out.But I also got very better and this school year I am be way better because I put in that hard work and it's gonna pay off.So Mrs. P.J. I hope you enjoyed reading what I did this summer.

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