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Jasmyn Martinez, staff reporter

Being Yourself  Vs. Someone your not

By:Jasmyn Martinez,says “It’s often said to someone who is anxious to make a good impression “just be yourself”.What that means is “ I think you are fine.You don’t have to pretend to be someone else.” Aislynn warren, an 8th grader, says “Be yourself because you feel more free and happy than if you weren’t yourself.It’s like art,you get to express yourself without anyone's  judgement getting to you.Even if judgment comes your way you don’t have to worry”.


To be yourself is to find self worth and compassion, there are many ways to be yourself then someone your not and  try to impress people that you don’t know just so you can get attention Nora Creel, an 8th grader, says “I get to be Generally happy when I am myself it makes me happy and my friends don’t have anything to make fun of me.” You can sometimes get made fun  of for being someone different that is not you. When trying to be someone your not many people try but ultimately fail.Each trait possesses its own amount of prominence to be an individual who can truly be themselves. Aaliyah stark ,an 8th grader, says “some people act different because they try to get attention from people”.



You need to be open and conscientiousness with a basic trait that correlates to a cluster of related and more specific traits.When you are more open with yourself you feel free and you worry about anyone getting in  your way of being who you truly are. Aislynn Warren, an 8th grader, says “you become more confident and feel better about yourself.”Many people say lies about who they are and some students feel that when you are acting fake you truly aren’t being true to yourselves or your friends.


To find your beauty you need to find the moment when you decide to be yourself.When you set goals for yourself it’s always helpful to bring the brighter side of who you are.Lying makes people feel that you aren't friends and that you probably go around telling people what is going on in their life. You should always be the better person to be successful and find people who are worth being with,and spending time with.


All content by Jasmyn Martinez