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Winter Leslie

Winter Leslie, staff reporter

Hello…..My name is Winter Leslie. I’m in 8th grade at Dobie Junior High. 



My goals for this year are to be productive with my time and to get all A’s and B’s . This year I want to try my very best .Most of the time I’m out with my friends or doing something like watching t.v. I want to make this a memorable last year at Dobie middle school. 


8th grade is already going by fast. I enjoy all of the classes I am in, especially journalism. My favorite class is math. Although I talk a lot I enjoy learning. Journalism is fun to me because I enjoy writing, (not so much reading). Writing lets me express myself, much like now. This year I don't really have any friends in any of my classes , so I feel that I can really focus on my school work. The only difficulty I have is where my locker is, otherwise i love my school schedule. It works out perfectly.


I'm so excited to see what is going to happen this year. I hope I achieve my goals. My grades will definitely determine how this year goes. I hope I do really good. 

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